Exterior Window Cleaning 

What is involved in our Exterior Window Cleaning process?

A purified water system is used in conjunction with a pole and brush to agitate dirt/grime on exterior windows and rinse it all away -spot free! Note: outer window screens must be removed and exterior water source available prior to service taking place.

How often should Exterior Window Cleaning be completed?

The service can be completed on an annual, biannual or monthly basis, depending on client preference. We recommend windows being cleaned at least bi-annually, once in the Spring and once again in the Fall.

What are the benefits of Exterior Window Cleaning?

Maintaining the cleanliness of your exterior windows can increase the longevity and efficiency of the windows by removing dirt and debris which can etch into your glass and ultimately cause damage. Clean windows allow maximum sunlight to filter into your home, contributing to a positive atmosphere, while improving the appearance and value of your home.

What is the price range for Exterior Window Cleaning?

*all house style price ranges are dependent on the number of windows, level of difficulty and level of grime.
Single story house - $60-$120+gst
Two story house - $100-$180+gst
Three story house (or two story with walkout basement) - $180-$240+gst

BEST customer service EVER! Tanner & Becki are excellent at what they do, and always make sure to do there very best work! They cleaned my windows the other night and did an AMAZING job. My house is actually brighter inside now due to there fantastic work. Will for sure be calling them in the future for other projects and jobs. 100% would recommend to anyone looking for any of the services they provide. Refined Rutz I will be back!

- Taylor Cosh