Yard Maintenance

Shrub Pruning / Hedge Trimming

What is involved in our Shrub Pruning/Hedge Trimming?

Shrubs/hedges are assessed and trimmed based on the plants needs and clients preference. We use sharp, sanitized tools for effective pruning. Once pruning is completed to satisfaction, all branches/leaves are cleaned up and hauled away for compost.

When/how often should Shrub Pruning/Hedge Trimming be completed?

Formative pruning (shape training when the shrub/hedge is young) is often carried out in late Winter/early Spring. After this, maintenance trimming is carried out during the growing season, usually once or twice in the Spring and Summer months to maintain the shape. Pruning seasons and the frequency depend on the plant species, growing conditions, client preference and so on.

What are the benefits of Shrub Pruning/Hedge Trimming?

Pruning of shrubs/hedges can be completed strictly for aesthetics, but is also responsible for keeping the plants healthy by removing diseased, overgrown and potentially problematic branches.

What is the price of Shrub Pruning/Hedge Trimming?

The price is dependent on a number of factors, such as lineal feet, height and excessive growth. Please contact for an in-person quote.



What is involved in our Weeding?

Weeds are removed by hand or tool to minimize the spread of additional weeds in the respective area of your yard. Once weeds are removed the soil is then cultivated to ensure the space is left looking pleasant.

How often should Weeding be completed?

Weeding can be completed on a weekly or monthly basis to keep up with new emerging weeds or whenever you see the weeds have started to get out of hand! A weeding plan can be discussed to figure out what works best for you and your yard.

What are the benefits of Weeding?

Weeds are considered to be any undesirable plants growing where you do not find value. Weeding can improve the look of your yard, encourage the intended plants planted to flourish (not be choked out by the weeds) and limit the spread of more weeds if the space were to be left unmaintained.

What is the price of Weeding?

Our weeding services are offered at a rate of $25+gst/person hour. With a minimum rate of $50+gst for the service.


They do a great job very professional. I would highly recommend this company!

-Glenda McTavish