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Solar Panel Cleaning

  • What are the benefits of Lawn Aeration?
    After the weight from the snow over the Winter and children playing on your lawn over the previous Summer, annual aeration is recommended to relieve some of the soil compaction and allow the root system to breathe a bit. Aerating a lawn will improve fertilizer, water and oxygen uptake and use, as well as reducing water run-off and pooling -resulting in a healthier lawn that requires less watering and seasonal maintenance.
  • What is involved in our Lawn Aeration process?
    Obstacles, such as stumps or irrigation heads are marked out prior to beginning the Lawn Aeration service. The lawn aerator is then used to puncture 3-inch-deep holes throughout your lawn. The plugs which are extracted are left on the lawn as they are full of nutrients and serve as a beneficial top dressing of soil. The plugs will eventually break down from watering and mowing your lawn. Note: Fresh sod should not be aerated until it has established a root system (~ 1 year). ​ Note: Lawn should be thoroughly watered 24 hours before service to ensure an effective extraction of plugs.
  • When/how often should Lawn Aeration be completed?​
    The lawn can handle being aerated any time throughout the growing season, however we do recommend in the Spring and Fall. Lawn Aeration should be completed twice per year if you have a clay-based soil, and only once for sandy soil.
  • What is the price of Lawn Aeration?
    The price of Lawn Aeration starts at $70+gst.
  • What are the benefits of scheduled Weekly Lawn Maintenance?
    Scheduled weekly lawn maintenance helps to maintain a well kempt property and allows you more time to do the things that you enjoy!
  • What is involved in our Weekly Lawn Maintenance?​
    Lawn maintenance is completed on a weekly basis with a sharp bladed lawn mower and a string trimmer to fine tune the perimeter. Once the cut is complete, the debris is blown off of the sidewalks and driveway and clippings are disposed of in green cart or hauled away to the compost. Note: Please have all debris and obstacles moved prior to our arrival.
  • What is the price of Weekly Lawn Maintenance?
    The price starts at $35+gst/cut for a weekly lawn maintenance contract or $45+gst/cut for a one-time cut. Lawns that are overgrown, require toy/bike or dog poop cleanup are subject to additional charges.
  • How often should Lawn Maintenance be completed?
    To maintain a healthy lawn, the lawn should be cut weekly. A lawn should be cut no shorter than 3” in height to maintain a healthy, green appearance.
  • What is the price of Dethatching/Power Raking?
    The price for Dethatching/Power Raking starts at $100+gst, and includes a complimentary Lawn Vacuuming.
  • What is involved in our Lawn Vacuuming process?
    A Lawn Vacuum is pushed along the lawn surface, picking up dead grass, leaves and other organic material that has accumulated on your lawn. Sidewalks and driveways are then blown off to leave you with a clean yard. All debris is hauled away once the service is completed. ​
  • What is involved in our Dethatching/Power Raking process?
    Dethatching vs. Power Raking are terms that sometimes get used interchangeably, which is okay because they are very similar processes! Dethatching is a process which uses tines to pull up dead grass and debris found below the lawn level, which may impede the beautiful green color and health of the lawn. Power raking is a similar approach, but slightly more aggressive -reaching into the thatch layer (excess buildup of roots, organic matter formed above the soil level). A complimentary lawn vacuuming is included as well as haul away of organic material collected from the lawn. Once the service is complete, sidewalks and driveways are then blown off to leave you with a clean yard. Note: The lawn should not be overgrown when completing this service. Please have lawn cut within a few days of the scheduled service.
  • What is the price of Lawn Vacuuming?
    The price for Lawn Vacuuming starts at $60+gst. Depending on the needs of your lawn, the Lawn Vacuuming service pairs nicely with the Power Raking service we have to offer. The price starts at just $100+gst for the two together.
  • What are the benefits of Dethatching/Power Raking?​
    A thatch layer is healthy for a lawn to an extent, but too much can cause problems with fungal activity and dysfunction in the water, nutrient and oxygen uptake! We assess lawns in the Spring prior to recommending this service. If your lawn does require the service, it is paired with a complimentary lawn vacuum to remove all dead grass/organic material and thatch brought up.
  • When should Dethatching/Power Raking be completed?
    Dethatching/Power Raking your lawn should be completed during the cooler Spring and Fall months. Dethatching can be completed annually, while the more aggressive approach of Power Raking is only necessary once every few years depending on the extent of your thatch buildup. Most lawns are only in need of a dethatching, but since the terms get used interchangeably, homeowners will typically request a power raking! As the professionals, we assess the lawn and determine how much organic matter needs to be removed from the lawn -whether it be a light mechanical raking or several passes with our power raking machine to achieve a thorough raking.
  • What are the benefits of Lawn Vacuuming?
    Excessive lawn debris/organic material can wreak havoc on your lawn, causing fungal activity, lawn discoloration, and inability for your lawn to receive the proper nutrients, water and oxygen supply to its root system.
  • When should Lawn Vacuuming be completed?​
    Lawn vacuuming is most effective during the Spring or Fall months, when there are ample amounts of dead grass, leaves and other organic material to remove from the lawn.

Not only are these great people who own this company but they work hard & do a great job. Call them next time you need some outdoor services.

- Candace Kimpton

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